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Introducing our RESTORATIVE Fitness service:

E-R-P Fitness: Exercise, Recovery & Prevention

ERP Fitness uses non-impact exercise equipment and infrared saunas to help patients burn calories, tone muscle, detoxify, and de-stress - all in a relaxing, spa-like setting. 

Dr. B's ERP allows us to get ahead of illness by adopting a lifestyle of prevention, and, where appropriate, incorporating CBD into our overall prevention program.  More information coming soon. Look for a link to a reservation website for all our exercise, sauna, classes, and sessions. The exercise equipment services is covered by insurance such as Silver Sneakers, Silver & Fit, and possibly by others. 

To access the ERP Fitness gym services, click on the appropriate drop-down links under 'ERP Fitness'. 

CALL us Today for information on our membership options, the latest news or to schedule your free ERP Fitness demonstration!

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