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406 W Poinsett St                  (864)879-2325 phone               Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM

Greer, SC (USA) 29650         (864)849-0961 fax       

                                                  (844)269-4220 toll free

Life Pharmacy & Wellness

Are you ready for a new type of healthcare experience?

WE: Provide High Quality, Accessible, Affordable & Respectful Services

We believe in making compounded hormones, generic meds and health services more affordable & accessible. So, we are offering affordable prices on our compounded hormone medications, generic meds, Fitness (gym) services, CBD products, Coaching services, and other products for those patients who enroll in our $30/year membership plan.

So, what do you get?

LifeRx Member Services & Pricing:


Women's Bio-Identical Hormone Compounds:                     30 Day Price  / 90 Day Price

   *FIRST compound Rx with between 1 to 4 hormones: 

         (1-2 estrogens/testosterone/DHEA/progesterone) 

         -Creams or Troches or Capsules                                            $49      /     $109 


   *For SECOND (or Third) hormone compound Rx (if needed): 

         -Progesterone SR Capsules:                                                   $30      /     $69  

         -Progesterone Troches:                                                           $39      /     $99

         -If Next hormone compound not Prog, most are:                 $39      /     $99

Men's Bio-Identical Hormone Compounded Med:


         -Gel/Cream, Troches, or Drops:                                              $49   /     $119  

             --For any strength up to about 225mg/dose   

   **Free shipping (women & men) on most 90 day supply Rxs.

         -Troches are cold shipped and will incur $7 fee (vs $12 non-member)

   **Member pricing does not include Unit-dosed compounds.


Other Membership Benefits and Pricing:

   *10% off ERP Fitness monthly package, +/- infrared Sauna

   *10% off Dr B's CBD products: Zero-THC and Full Spectrum

   *Erectile Dysfunction tablets: $3 each (if get 30 or more), $4 each for non-members

   *Generic Medications priced at Cost plus $10 Dispensing Fee for 90 day supply.

   *10% off Foot Bath Detox services

   *10% off Health Coaching services (Diabetes Reversal, etc.) - when begin

   *10% off VOXX products (socks, insoles, sleeves, patches)

   *10% off 'Designs for Health' brand / our other vitamins

   *PRICE: LifeRx membership is $30 yearly


Questions? Please give us a call or shoot us an email as it would be our pleasure to serve you! 

COVID-19 Update: (8/18/2020)

Open normal hours: Monday to Friday: 10AM-6PM

We are offering curbside pickup or Free delivery services for prescription and CBD products. No in-store pickup or ERP Fitness just yet.


When we do eventually open our doors for patients to enter, we politely insist that all patrons wear a mask when entering the building. This, at a minimum, helps keep our staff healthy and able to serve our community.

Life Pharmacy & Wellness

home of

Rx Compounding, Dr. B's CBD and ERP Fitness

We are so glad you found us! We are a specialty wellness business, that incorporates no-impact fitness, prevention, wellness, and compounding services specifically tailored to help the individual needs of our patients.

Compounding Pharmacy services

                            Dr. B's CBD: Professional Grade CBD &

                             Free 15 minute Medical Consultation

                                                       ERP Fitness: Restorative Exercise

                                                        *Non-Impact Equip, Infrared Sauna, Hydration

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Some areas that we specialize in providing assistance by health professionals to our patients include the following::
+ Arthritis, IBS and Other Inflammatory Conditions
+ Autoimmune Conditions
+ Anxiety
+ Poor Sleep
+ Anti-Aging / skin issues
+ Bio-identical Hormones
+ Interstitial Cystitis or other Pelvic Floor Pain 
+ Vaginal Atrophy
+ Painful Sex
+ Stress
Check out our different services to find out more on how we can help you or your loved ones Restore their health and live it to the fullest!

Joe Blizzard, PhD, RPh:  Owner

Life Pharmacy & Wellness 

406 W. Poinsett Street, Greer, SC (USA) 29650 

Phone 864.879.2325 or 844.269.4220  

Fax 864.849.0961  


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