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We are your most trusted source for professional CBD (Cannibidiol), through our brand Dr. B's CBD.  We also provide a free 15 minute consultation with our patients to guide them on their CBD journey.  Dr. B is short for Dr. Joe Blizzard, our founder, who is both a pharmacist and has an earned PhD.  We hope to have the opportunity to serve you and your loved ones from around the world - with care and compassion.
We carry a full line of CBD (from industrial hemp) products to help our patients (and their animal's) achieve their wellness goals, without producing any psychoactive response (a 'high').   We are your Professional, affordable, and effective partner in your health journey with CBD. 
Ask us about our unique dosage forms of CBD.  We have alternatives to Vaping such as concentrated liposomal cremes (since vaping is not healthy), suppositories, other cremes, lozenges, nose or throat sprays, along with the traditional CBD oils, and more. 
As part of our medical consultation, we also will perform a drug interaction screening for patients.  There are some significant drug interactions that can occur with CBD.  It affects the Cytochrome P-450 metabolic pathway, which is how certain medications are metabolized and cleared from the body. One of the most noteworthy interactions is with warfarin, which is used is an anticoagulant. CBD limits the metabolism of warfarin, potentially leading to thinning of the blood too much, and risking serious bleeding events.  So, always check with your hemp expert pharmacists at Dr. B's CBD Dispensary. 
As a compounding pharmacy, we also are able to individually flavor our products to our customers wishes. We carry oral CBD (Cannabidiol) oil as well as skin care products with CBD. Our products have either Zero THC or up to 0.3% THC.  THC is the active compound in Marijuana that produces a 'high' at much much larger doses.  At Dr. B's, we are achieving health but without the high. These low or Zero-THC CBD products are legal throughout the US and most countries in the world. Our Zero-THC products are tailored to customers that want the wellness benefits of CBD but don't want any chance of testing positive on a drug test, either at work at at their pain management doctor visits.


Our bodies already possess an entire system of neurotransmitters in our body to use Cannadinoids, with CBD being the principle player in this system. It is called the Endocannabinoid System. Research its functionality and just how helpful these products can be if used routinely.
If you have any questions about the nutritional benefits of CBD, please call Dr. Joe and staff at 864-879-2325 or toll free at 844-269-4220 or email us at We are here to help you.  We are not allowed to post or discuss any suspected benefits of CBD online as the FDA views CBD as a nutritional product and has appropriate limitations on any medical claims. We are, however, able to provide medical assessment and advice for patients that we have established a pharmacist-patient relationship, just like we would for any over the counter, nutritional, or prescription product.  So, contact the pharmacy to speak with one of our health care providers for assistance.  We look forward to helping you soon. 

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